PUREPAC’s aim is to provide high quality packaging designs development for packaging printing at reasonable price. Through our experiences, we understand that “Art” and “Functionality” are 2 circles that overlapping each other in the context of packaging design. Thus, attractive and user-friendly packaging design are always our priorities.

PUREPAC is committed to help you through every essential steps in realizing your products presentation. We do not sell our services on gimmicks, fashionable marketing strategies or misleading information. Project team know how the art and functionality work together for your products packaging.

Note: You may also wish to contact our project manager for a short consultation on picking up the right packaging and material for your products.

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PUREPAC packaging design
PUREPAC snack food packaging design


Snacks Food Packaging design can triggers consumer senses and buying decisions in plenty ways. A snacks food product’s packaging design able to create an impulse of sensible value of its content. Consumers are more likely to buy products they see as having a better value.

Further more, a proper-designed packaging can help a product stands out from the rest in the market and attracts the potential customers.

Packaging design can also influence a consumer’s confident response to your product. For instance, packaging can evoke emotional connection of excitement, enjoyment and nostalgia which relies on the concept designed. Consequently that leads consumers to buy your brand instead of other brand.


Food paste packaging design plays a important in the achievement of food paste products industry.

The food paste packaging design can help in branding your product to get in the eyes of customers. It can also help create an overall impression of your brand it’s not enough to simply have a quality product.

Your packaging must also be able to attract potential customers’ attention in a matter of minute in today’s competitive marketplace by communicating your product’s value through a well-designed apperance on your packaging. Ultimately your brand can be noticed as a high-quality brand with strong brand presence, trustworthiness and generate sales.

PUREPAC food paste packaging design
PUREPAC packaging design


Cosmetics and Skincare are the most desirable products in the beauty industry due to the benefits of these products offer.

An impressive packaging design that is blended with unique composition, remarkable typography, natural elements, meaningful photos and graphic patterns those should not be compromised if it suits packaging design’s direction.

Nevertheless, packaging design and printing effects also precipitates the consumer's buying decision. No doubt that beautiful and luxurious packaging does attract consumer’s attention.

Packaging materials, shapes, printing techniques, such as gold-effect and silver-effect and finishing such as glossy finishing and matte finishing or glossy and matte finshing combined such as glossy on certain surfaces with matte for rest of surface are also playing the main role in attraction of consumers.